Coopers Inn. Treasure Hounds

Welcome to Coopers Inn. Treasure Hounds!

We are a small business selling all kinds of (paracord) stuff for dogs and cats! All the products are handmade, specially to the size of your dogs (or cats) neck. 

All the products are made from paracord, this is a very strong type of cord that can hold hundreds of kilograms. Some of the products are braided with ceramic beads and these beads make sure the ticks stay away from your dog. In the beads Micro-organisms are present. These micro-organisms take up UV light and spread it onto your pet. When you are in the woods (the place ticks love, because of the lack of sunlight), the micro-organisms send out the UV light it took in in the sun. Ticks hate sunlight, so they stay away from your pet. 

An anti tick collar is made of two colors paracord cord, which can be chosen from a big database of colors. If you choose two colors that are unique, the product will be named after your pet (with premission of the owner of course). To check out the anti-tick collars, click here!


The collars and leashes I make are also handmade. Did you know it takes about 6 to 7 hours to make a Paracord-collar from the beginning to the final product? This is because I like to work very secure, and I really take my time to make the product the best as possible! There are a lot of options to choose from! I have a ton of different colors and a lot of different hardware colors! Check out my page for the collars here!