Biothane Collar


One collar, two colours.. Or just one? This collar gives you the opportunity to mix & match! Choose the colour of the biothane and then choose the colour of the paracord cord! One colour of biothane? Or maybe two? In this example I used black and neon pink biothane, silver hardware and paracord in the colour 'watermelon'.


M: 33-43 cm

L: 41-51 cm

XL: 49-59 cm

XXL: 57-67 cm


For sizes that are bigger or smaller than the ones above, you can contact me! I think that smaller dog’s will need a smaller biothane size so the prizes will be different. For the larger dogs I think a bigger type of biothane will be more suited! If you have any questions about biothane sizes and mix & match options, you can email me or fill in my contact form under ‘Contact’.


Biothane is a very easy to work with material. It’s a polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating. This is to make the product more durable, waterproof and easy to clean. Other than that biothane is stinkproof. This means no smelly collars & leashes in your home! When you use Biothane normally it will outlast leather and nylon collars & leashes! Why do I use Biothane collars & leashes? Well let’s say that I bought a pig instead of a dog (I’m kidding ofcourse… I bought a Labrador that really loves all things dirty and smelly). We used to have a lot of nylon collars and matching leashes that became dirtier by the day. We used to put them in the washing machine, but they just wore out eventually. When I first tried biothane I was really surprised. Cooper had been up till her neck in mud that day and when I came home I only had to wipe the collar off with a bit of water and a paper towel and it was clean! Instead of scrubbing my nylon collars & leashes with soap and a hard brush, this was 10000 times easier! It was also dry almost immediately, which my nylon gear wasn’t. For me a lot of good qualities! I also have some of my PPM leashes at home which are amazing for on leash walks! (Or for dogs that hate water and mud!)