We agreed to a partnership with Lucy's Village!

This means we will come with suprise boxes for you(r furry friend)! Those boxes will be cheaper then pruchasing the products loose from eachother, containing a suprise anti-tick collar and suprise matching tag. The collars can be either Cobra Knot or Snake Knot, just let us know which one you prefer!

How to pruchase?
The suprise boxes cannot be pruchased in the webshops, but can be claimed per e-mail or a message on one the businesses Instagrams: @coopersinn.treasurehounds or @lucys_village

What does a suprise box contain?

  • fall/halloween themed suprise anti-tick collar
  • fall/halloween themed suprise tag with charm
  • including shipping

Leave the exact measurements in the comment section as well, when you check out! Measure it tightly, that way I can make sure the collar will fit perfectly for your dog. I will always add around 10 cm's extra, so you can adjust the collar as well. 

What are the prices?
We handle different prices: within The Netherlands and to Belgium other countries in Europa. 

Can I use a modelcode?
No, you can't. This is because we have already included a reduction in the price.

The Netherlands Price
S (20-30cm) € 26,50
M (30-40 cm) € 27,75
L (40-50 cm) € 29,-
XL (50-60 cm) € 30,25
XXL (60-70 cm) € 31.50
Belgium and other countries in the EU Price
S (20-30 cm) € 30,-
M (30-40 cm) € 31,25
L (40-50 cm) € 32,50
XL (50-60 cm) € 33,75
XXL (60-70 cm) € 35,-