Modellen (models)


My name is Coco! I'm a female born on 14-01-2019 at Rodex Pomsky. I live in Rucphen in the Netherlands. (Did you know my full name is Rodex Coco?) I'm a new breed, a pomsky, which is 50% Husky and 50% pomeranian. My characteristics are feisty, strong, spontanious, happy, energetic and affectionate! I really love to cuddle with my humom, but I also love to go on long walks. I really love to pose for pictures (and the cookies make it more fun!) We also do agility which is so much fun! I really love to have a pack and my humans have to be really consequent with me, because if they aren't I think I'm the leader! I really love to play in the mud and I'm very good with 'the puppy eyes'! (This always results in extra cookies (For the dogs among us, you need to try it)) I'm thrilled to be a model at Coopers Inn. Treasure hounds. This means I can make beautiful pictures off these very cool anti-tick collars (which means more cookies for me!!)

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The Graves Farm

Hi! Our names are Della, Sugar, Coco and Izzy! Della is a 3 year old german Shepard/cattle dog mutt, Sugar is half Great Pyrenees and half Anatolian Shepard, and Coco & Izzy are both labs. We love to play and drive our hoomom crazy! When we aren’t destroying toys we are hiking or napping on our farm! It is our job to watch out for bad guys and protect the chickens! Della and sugar are both rescues which is why Della is afraid of new people and dogs, but the rest of us love new people and cuddles!
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Denny is a special crossbreed. His mother is a mix between a Rottweiler and a stabyhoun, and his dad is an irish setter. Denny is born in April 2015, on Texel, one of the islands from the Netherlands. He still lives there. Denny is a very happy dog who loves to be around people! He has a lot of energy. He loves to go cycling with his mom. When he is at home he loves to sleep and chill. He also really loves to snack! If you want to follow his adventures click here!



We sadly got the news that Perak went over the rainbow bridge... Rest in piece sweet Perak! We love you!

My name is Perak! I'm a 7 year old white Swiss shepherd born on 21-06-2013. My name means Silver in Indonesian. I live together in the Netherlands with my sister Pucat. My human is called Julia and together we love going on all kinds of adventures, we've been to different countries together and hope to travel a lot more! I might be a senior, but I'm a very energetic happy and playful boy. My mom and I used to compete in agility, but we retired last year. Now we enjoy our walks and hikes together, and a nap on the couch together from time to time. I'm very close to my mom so we go together almost everywhere, she couldn't miss me for the world! If you want to follow my adventures click here!


My name is Lucy. I'm almost 9 years old! I might act very old, but I've always been an old lady in my heart. Next to being lazy all day, I can be active as well, but only when I see a rodent. I go crazy when I do! I love adventures through the woods and in nature. I hope to go on many more adventures with my owner. I love my family so much! My owner couldn't imagine a day without me. I also love modelling, because I get many snacks. Follow my adventures here!